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Worm Salt - Smoky

Worm Salt - Smoky

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Worm Salt - Smoky

Our Worm Salt is a a mix of locally-sourced sea salt and a variety of hand-picked chili peppers, including chipotle criollo, chile de arbol, chile rocoto, and aji dulce. Our secret ingredient is the roasted amazonian mojojoy worm, which adds a sultry and smoky flavor to our unique culinary delight.

Our exquisite Worm Salts are made with the finest sea salt from the Guajira and an array of hand-picked chilis, all naturally dehydrated and gently toasted by the skilled Lopuna family. Our team of regenerative farmers carefully select the finest worms from the lush Colombian jungle. After fire-roasting and drying, these special ingredients are artfully ground together to create a savory and smoky culinary masterpiece.

Lopuna's Worm Salts is not only versatile, but also socially responsible. Enjoy it with any fruit, particularly a juicy slice of orange or apple. It's a perfect accompaniment to a shot of Mezcal, Tequila or Viche and makes for marvelous rims for Micheladas, Margaritas or any agave-based cocktails. It's also a secret ingredient for dazzling pizzas, scintillating salads and other traditional Colombian or Mexican cuisine.

Be the star of your dinner party and expand your flavor consciousness with our socially conscious and delicious Worm Salts. With your purchase, you not only support the local indigenous communities but also leave a positive impact on your taste buds.

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