A Mythical Tree

Well, my friends, let me tell you about Lopuna.

According to the mythology of the Tikuna tribe in the Amazon, Lopuna is the majestic tree of life that rises so high that it blots out the sun. This sacred tree is a central theme in the creation story and is associated with many spiritual experiences. Legend has it that the sons of the god Ngügtapa, Yoí and Ipi, struggled to cut down the tree to create the mighty Amazon river from its trunk.

But Lopuna is much more than a mythical tree. The holistic concept of the tree of life is at the core of Lopuna's mission to "expand flavor consciousness" and connect people and communities with the natural products they make. With the help of these communities, Lopuna handcrafts natural products and experiences that aim to preserve the ancestral and mystical traditions of the people they work with.

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