Who is Noah Matthies?

Today, I am thrilled to share with you the inspiring tale of a visionary man who is revolutionizing Colombia's hospitality and bar scene.

His name is Noah Matthies, and he is the founder and CEO of Lopuna, a transformative enterprise that interweaves the worlds of hospitality, indigenous wisdom, sustainable farming, and entomophagy.

Prior to establishing Lopuna in 2020, Noah gained recognition for his instrumental role in establishing El Baron, a chic cocktail bar in Cartagena, as one of only three Colombian drinking establishments to be featured on the esteemed list of the world's top 100 bars. That is truly a remarkable achievement, my friends.

Noah's odyssey in Colombia began 12 years ago when he embarked on a backpacking trip to the country, enamored by its charm and the warmth of its people. This journey sparked a profound love affair with Colombia that endures to this day. After settling in the coastal city of Cartagena, Noah launched his first entrepreneurial venture, a yogurt company, while honing his skills in the bars and kitchens of his adopted hometown.

Driven by his passion for the food and hospitality industry, Noah embarked on extensive travels throughout Latin America and Colombia, delving deep into the region's gastronomic heritage and serving as a guest bartender at some of the finest bars across the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Colombia. Leveraging his training in chemistry in Germany, he and his team of bartenders have spent over a decade experimenting with Colombian ingredients, introducing sophisticated flavors and elevating taste consciousness through the cocktail menus of Colombia's top restaurants.

But Noah's ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit did not stop there. When the pandemic struck, he and his team of bartenders labored tirelessly to turn their vision of sharing Colombia's flavors with the world into a reality with Lopuna. Their unwavering focus on sustainable and regenerative farming practices and sourcing premium ingredients from Colombian farmers underscores their unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.

Noah's ultimate objective is to foster a profound connection between individuals and the earth, and to encourage greater mindfulness of the things we consume in our daily lives. That is why every item on Lopuna's menu is designed to expand one's palate and elevate flavor consciousness. Indeed, we live in an exciting era.

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