Collection: Atta Ant Salt

The female „hormigas culonas“ are harvested in spring in Colombia's Santander region where they are consumed as a snack or delicacy for centuries. These huge leaf-cutter ants are very nutritious with a high protein level and low in saturated fat. Almost every tienda (little corner store) sells them here salted and deep-fried and praise their aphrodisiac qualities.

Our Atta Ant salt (sal de Hormiga Culona) is prepared of sea salt from Galerazamba and a house mix of selected chilis which are artisanally dehydrated and toasted by us - the ants are harvested by Don Leopoldo an expert with years of experience and shipped to us fresh just one day after they are fire-roasted - we dry them and later all the ingredients are ground together to combine this unique natural flavors.